We build powerful ad submitters to promote your site, they include email ad submitters, blog ad submitters, ezine ad submitters, classified ad submitters, search engine submitters, social media ad submitters, WordPress Showcase submitter, the powerful pinger, and the smart phone submitter!

NO LIMITS On How Many Ads You Can Send Out Daily!

Our System Sends Ads To 28,000,000 People Daily!

New Leads Were Added On February 6th

The best kind of leads are double opt-in leads. These leads are the most sought after because they ensure that the recipient has personally opted into the list you desire to send to. Double opt-in leads also produce the Highest Return & Most Response to your ads. The problem is that these type of leads take a good deal of time or money to obtain and for most marketers are either out of their reach financially or logistically.

These Are Our 57 Targeted Categories

Affiliate Programs

Ages 18-30

Ages 31-45

Ages 46-55

Ages 55 & Over

Baseball Interest

Beauty and Supplies

Boats and Parts

Business Opps

Cars and Parts


Clothing and Shoes

College Students

Crafts & Collectibles

Casino Gamblers

Computer Gadgets

Credit Cards


Debt Consolidation

Doctors / Physicians

E-commerce Stores

E-Mail Marketing



Football Interest

Free Giveaways


Grad Students

General Male

General Female

Gifts for Everyone

Guns and Ammo

Health and Fitness

Hobbies and RC

Home Security

Home Mortgages

Home Owners

Internet Shoppers


Lawn and Gardening

Medical Drugs

Multi-Level Marketing

New Products

Office Supplies

Parents and Kids

Pet Parents

Sales Management

Seniors Citizens

Small Biz Owners

Sports Interests

Surveys & Polls

Tax Preparation

Tobacco Products

Travel & Recreation



Web Design & Coders

Simple, Effective, Profitable

Let's say that you've found a product or service you would like to advertise, your budget is limited & you don't have alot of time to invest. We have The ULTIMATE Solution! Through the power of numbers, we obtain double opt-in leads on your behalf and load them into our mailing databases. Then, because we can sell multiple memberships to our individual systems, we can offer access to these leads for a Heavy Discount! It's a process we repeat hundreds of times a year and it has brought great success because everyone wins!

You can send your ads to them through our high performance email submitter. You will never be accused of spam and you'll never be in hot water with your ISP because your ads are 100% CAN-SPAM Compliant, each email that gets sent from our server has an unsubscribe link at the bottom, and they originate from our dedicated servers. It's a match made in heaven!

Our lifetime members can get a free affiliate page similar to this one and they sell memberships for the one-time price of $29 and they get to keep a whopping $20 per sale and it's paid instantly into their PayPal™ account. Those twenty dollar bills will stack up fast if you have a responsive downline or an arsenal of safelists.

New Leads Were Added On February 6th

This is a great submission system. Our members send to twenty-eight million people everyday. That's going to help with getting exposure to your sites and converting visitors into cold hard cash. If you would like to see a screenshot of a submitter, click here.

This level one submitter has two payment options, the ever popular monthly subscription which is $3.89 or the easy to manage one-time payment of $29 and you'll get immediate product registration after payment.