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Dear Internet Marketers,

LinkedIn has quickly become the go to site for business professionals to connect. Whether it's to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities or to stay informed about contacts and industry trends over 100 million professionals and network marketers as well as a whole host of others use LinkedIn daily to find the people they need to achieve their goals. At Five Star Services, we saw an opportunity to capitalize on their success and develop a submission system that could reach LinkedIn members right where it matters most. Their inbox!

Now, through the power of our vast network of resources you can send directly to around 32 million of them. In fact, our web-based submission system is so technologically advanced that in just a matter of seconds you can place your ad in our system and walk away knowing that we do all the work, behind the scenes.

Plus, the overwhelming majority of the leads are from English speaking countries so you don't have to worry about advertising to someone in Qatar or Tanzania who might never understand what you're advertising! Grab your membership to the LinkedIn Submitter today and start making money right away.