We offer mailing and submission services primarily to people that work from home, do affiliate marketing, or own a small business on a budget. Our email marketing platform is becoming the choice for marketers looking for an easy to use, yet powerful system with features that can't be found anywhere else in the world and proprietary tools that are years ahead of other email submission companies. We are a service provider that truly believes in providing a great customer experience. So, if you’re looking for great submission technology and superior quality leads coupled with great service, you’ve come to the right place!

Our email submitter is loaded with 34,000,000 leads. The leads are split into 32 databases. Because leads unsubscribe constantly we developed "The Lead Leveler" which is replaces leads in the databases so there's always fresh leads to send to. For example, if Julie submits an ad and 2,000 people unsubscribe, our "Lead Leveler" will detect the change and then replace the 2,000 unsubscribes with 2,000 new leads from the cache of leads acquired using funds generated by membership fees and ad revenue.

Because of leads unsubscribing and new ones are being added constantly the exact number of leads in database changes every few seconds, but right now at this exact moment each database conatains between 1051971 and 1064698 leads and each time you submit an ad it will be sent to between 203985 and 206974 random leads or if you wish you can send your ads to up to 6 of our targeted lead categories every time you submit, those targeted niche' categories include:

  Affiliate Programs Amazon® Shoppers Audio & Video Betting & Gambling
  Beauty and Supplies Business Opps Casino Gamblers ClickBank® Buyers
  Clothing & Apparel Courses & Training Covid-19 Related Credit Cards
  Cryptocurrency Debt Consolidation Daisycon® Members E-commerce Stores
  Education E-Mail Marketing Etzy® Buyers Finances & Loans
  Free Giveaways Funnel Software Gaming Online Grad Students
  General Male General Female Gifts for Everyone Guns & Ammunition
  Health & Fitness Hobbies & RC Home Security Home Mortgages
  Home Owners Internet Shoppers Investments JVZoo® Buyers
  Lead Collection Medicine & Vitamins Notebooks & Journals Organic Products
  PayPal® Buyers Pet Parents Quality Traffic SEO Automation
  Self Improvement Stock Market Surveys & Polls Tax Preparation
  Tobacco Products WarriorPlus® Buyers WordPress® Sites Zappos® Buyers

There is a fully interactive demonstration of each of the tools in this package. You'll be shown our popular Email Submitter with all of it's standard and premium features, our Search Engine Submitter, Social Media Submitter, Web-To-IP Submitter, Smart Phone Submitter, Classified Ad Submitter, Blog Submitter, Ezine Submitter, Directory Submitter and you'll also see our Powerful Pinger. Simply click any of the 10 numbers below to be redirected to it's interactive demonstration.

Our email submitter is more than just an email submitter, it's loaded with great features that are only available to you through our marketing services. Nobody else in the world can give you email features like ours, sure there's always going to be copy cats but their cheap knock-offs don't work like the originals.

The Float-Up Ad feature makes it so that no matter when you place your ad, it will "float-up" to be the first email in the reader's inbox when they open their mail.

The Fireworks go Pop! Pop! and show several bursts of color. The effect is in and out in under 3 seconds, so it's impressive but not intrusive.

Our Voice-Clips will automatically start when your email is opened. They sound very professional and you can upload their own Voice-Clips.

Icons are a great eye catcher, we've found that using them occassionally works well for us. That's why we're providing them to you to use.

For your convenience we are including an AdBoost Code Box. AdBoost Codes will increase the performance of the submitters.

Our bonus word feature is available to members that read our letters and when used you could double the number of leads you send to each time you submit.

There is a fully interactive demonstration of the Directory Submitter that has 100's of directories and subdirectories. Directories provide people with the ability to promote their business and/or product. They are also important to consumers who use them to locate what they are searching for. Click the number to the left for more information.

There is a fully interactive demonstration of the Powerful Pinger Tool which is a quick and easy way to let the search engines know that you want them to send out their spiders to crawl your site, so they can update your listing and make sure you're ranked as high as possible. Click the number to the left for more information.

There is a fully interactive demonstration of the Social Media Submitter which sends to 74 of the world's top social networks. Write an ad and we'll send it to 10 random networks and next time you submit it will send to 10 different ones. Doing it this way means you're always reaching new people.

There is a fully interactive demonstration of the Blog Submitter that uses a massive database of blogs and sends to over 500 different blogs everyday, at that rate we never submit to the same one more once or twice a year. We do it that way to provide you with fresh blogs to send to every day. Click the number to the left for more information.

There is a fully interactive demonstration of the Ezine Submitter that will get your site placed in thousands of popular ezines and then you'll get see by people that subscribe to that niche' and there are lots of them in our database. You can see all the categories when you take the tour. Click the number to the left for more information.

There is a fully interactive demonstration of the Search Engine Submitter that submits to 96 of the most popular search engines. When you submit your website, you'll be supplying Google and Bing and others with useful information about your website so they can index you properly. Click the number to the left for more information.

There is a fully interactive demonstration of Web-To-IP Submitter that will broadcast your short ad to between 500,000 and 1,000,000 English speaking households around the world. With recent changes to popular browsers our submitter is becoming quite popular and to the best of our knowledge it's not available anywhere else online.

There is a fully interactive demonstration of the Classified Ad Submitter posts your ad on thousands of random classified ad sites around the world. We use a proprietary technology to bypass captchas and deposit the ads into the different networks we've loaded into our secure databases. Click the number to the left for more information.

There is a fully interactive demonstration of the Smart Phone Submitter will put your short ad on millions of cellphones across the US. We bought a massive list of numbers that stretch from coast to coast. If you send an ad right now, they'll get an ad right now. This is a great a submitter that will be very useful to all pro marketers.