Innovative New Technology That's Economical, Efficient and Profitable

Email advertising is great and still ranks high as one of the preferred methods of marketing goods and services online. However, statistics show that more and more people are using smart devices, such as smartphones, to access their content on the go. Whether it be posting to Facebook, "tweeting" their followers or simply reading their email and text messages, 90% of adults now carry a smartphone and the numbers continue to climb. No longer is the PC the preferred method of connecting with the web.

We're working with a technology which allows us to send your ads in the form of a text message to a portion of our database of United States phone numbers, there are two scrolling frames that show the approximate number of cell phone numbers in our database.

Rather than spend hundreds of dollars and unending hours tethered to your computer, you can fashion your short text advertisement, submit it to our system and let us place your ad for you. Within a very short period of time, millions of cell phones will receive your text ad, complete with a clickable link enticing them to open, read and buy your product or service. We've split our numbers into 16 databases so if you send an ad every day you'll submit to different people for 16 days and then start over at the beginning again.

Almost everyday I send out a letter to the people on the mailing list, sometimes I send out two. One for the people on this side of the pond and one for the people on the other side of the pond, it's the same email it just arrives in their inbox during the daytime instead of in the middle of the night. Anyway, if you read my letter today then you found today's bonus word, enter it in the form below and you'll send to an additional 213549 people. Yesterday's bonus word won't work today, the email has to be dated today otherwise the bonus smartphone numbers will not be awarded.


I'd like this to be a nice place for everyone to be able to come to and submit their ads. To catch abusers I collect data on everyone that accesses any of my websites. The information is only used to identify people that are abusing the system so I can boot them off the server or send their ads to the trash. For example your IP# is and it's used to identify you in the event you were abusing my system. I take these extra steps to protect you from the people that are here to cause your submission quality to suffer.