Normally blogs and websites are visited by crawlers from the search engines, on a regular basis. They will eventually get to your websites or blogs.

A quicker way is to use our Pinger to let search engines know that there are changes to your site. The search engine then sends its crawlers out to check your URL. You then have a better chance of getting ranked on the first page of the search engines. This will ultimately depend on your keywords and phrases but a quick ping gets you to the front of the queue and a good chance to get ranked high.

This is especially important if there is a correction or update on your website; a price change or a correction, for example. You need to get the update out to the search engines as quickly as possible.

Every new post or page you publish should be pinged. If you keep pinging the search engines, they'll stop crawling your URL, so you need to be sensible and balanced. It can feel, to them, like you are spamming the search engines if you overload them with pings. Once per week per URL is fine. Make sure you submit every page of your site.


I'd like this to be a nice place for everyone to be able to come to and submit their ads. To catch abusers I collect data on everyone that accesses any of my websites. The information is only used to identify people that are abusing the system so I can boot them off the server or send their ads to the trash. For example your IP# is and it's used to identify you in the event you were abusing my system. I take these extra steps to protect you from the people that are here to cause your submission quality to suffer.