The Marketer's Jungle IP Database Has 696,417,750 Addresses. Your Ad Is Going To
Database # 36 Which Contains 16406131 IP Addresses And You're Sending To 2861692
Random Addresses. This Submitter Lets You Refresh The Page To Change Databases.

What is an IP Address?

'IP' stands for Internet Protocol - it decribes the way information is sent and received over the internet. An IP address is a 32 bit number assigned to any device that wishes to communicate over the internet. Typically the IP address is represented as a set of four numbers in the range 0-255 - an address is usually written as these four numbers separated by dots. It can also be shown as one big number in decimal or hexadecimal.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has issued you you with either a static IP address, which means it never changes, or a dynamic IP address, which usually changes every time you reboot your modem. The IP address you have right now is:

Submission Information

This is not a new technology, it was quite popular in the 90's and then with changes to different web browsers it faded away as it worked only on archaic browsers like Mosaic, Internet Explorer, and Netscape. But with recent changes with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox the Web-To-IP Submitter is fully functional again and becoming quite popular, as far as I can tell only Five Star Services offers this type of submitter.

Your success or failure with this tool will be in scheduling your ad submission properly. I use the tool daily and I send my ads at 7pm CST which is the East Coast of the US. I've found that time works best for me, because people are not at work or at school, their relaxing at home and near their phone or computer.

Below is a screenshot of what your ad will look like when it appears on the user's screen. The ad will only appear on the user's screen if the user is online when you send the ad, then the user can read your ad and either click the button to visit your site or close the dialog box.



I'd like this to be a nice place for everyone to be able to come to and submit their ads. To catch abusers I collect data on everyone that accesses any of my websites. The information is only used to identify people that are abusing the system so I can boot them off the server or send their ads to the trash. For example your IP# is and it's used to identify you in the event you were abusing my system. I take these extra steps to protect you from the people that are here to cause your submission quality to suffer.