The Marketer's Jungle Email Lead Database Holds 34 Million Leads +/- 2 %.
This Submission Is Going To Database # 10 Which Is Currently Holding 1057608 Leads.
Your Submission Will Be Sent To 211439 Random Leads, Unless You Select Targeted Categories.
If You Read Matt's Email Today And You Know Today's Bonus Word You'll Send To 134634 Bonus Leads.

1) Select up to three SIX targeted categories to send your ad to.

2) Select your features to enhance your ad, here's a description of each one.

  You can upload an image or attachment or a Voice-Clip. Simply click the link, then take a minute to read the page and follow the simple instructions. Here is The Uploader.
  The autosubmitter will send out your ad every 8 hours and it resets at midnight (PST) and if you enter a new ad the autosubmitter will reset and start autosubmitting the new ad.
  The Fireworks go Boom-Boom! Boom-Boom! Boom-Boom! and shows several bursts of color. The animation is in and out in under 3 seconds, so it's impressive but not intrusive.
  The Float-Up Ad feature is very complicated but the basics are that no matter when you place your ad, it will "float-up" to be the first email in the reader's inbox when they open their mail.
  Icons are a great eye catcher! They can be used in the subject line or the ad body. They work well for me and that's why I'm providing a few for to you to use or you can use your own.

3) Listen to the Voice-Clips and pick one if you'd like, it will play when the potential customer opens your email. Or you can create your own and use the uploader to send it to our server. Follow the directions on the uploader to add your file(s) to your ad. Click here to check out the uploader.

4) Enter your full name as it appears on your credit card. If the credit card is not yours then the card owner's name must be entered in this field and that person is our customer. Any corespondance with the Help Desk must be done in the cardholder's name.

5) Enter a name for this campaign. For example "adblast-145" or "affiliatelink-1234" The campaign name is not important to me, it's only for you, but the system requires you put something there. You can't enter the same campaign name more than once a day, the system refreshes every night at midnight CST.

6) Enter the Subject Line of your email. A subject line is the introduction that identifies the emails intent. This subject line, displayed to the email user or recipient when they look at their list of messages in their inbox, should tell the recipient what the message is about and what the sender wants to convey. For email marketers, a subject line should work to entice the reader into opening the email so that they might engage with the communication through following links, responding to a survey or making a purchase.

7) Enter the direct link to your website. Please keep in mind that a lot of people use GMail™ and they are famous for filtering or out-right deleting people's ads. I wrote an article about it here. It basically says that Google's® new spam detection is filtering a very high percentage of your ads to the spam folders of your potential customers. This is a much more serious problem then what it may appear. Google's® mail client, GMail™ is the most popular email provider on the planet. At present they literally dominate email usage.

8) If you have AdBoost Codes enter them in the form field, separated by commas with no spaces. If you're not using AdBoost Codes you should be. They will increase the performance of the submitters. Click here to go to my main site to learn more.

Almost everyday I send out a letter to the people on the mailing list, sometimes I send out two. One for the people on this side of the pond and one for the people on the other side of the pond, it's the same email it just arrives in their inbox during the daytime instead of in the middle of the night. Anyway, if you read my letter today then you found today's bonus word, enter it in the form below and you'll send to an additional 223589 people. Yesterday's bonus word won't work today, the email has to be dated today otherwise the bonus will not be awarded.

10) Create your ad in the text area, use the dynamic tagging feature to personalize your ads, remember to include the direct link to your website, icons can be used in the ad as well.

I recommend under 1000 characters, but I'm allowing up to 10,000 characters and I've built in a character counter for you. If you put in a long ad you might want to put a link somewhere in the first 4-5 lines. The same link from step 6 must be entered into the ad body.

If you use a tracker it's likely that Google® will vet it out and send your ad to the spam or promo folder of your potential customer. Here is an article I wrote on the topic. You could lose up to 90% of your ads and that's why I discourage ad trackers. Why do I care? I care about your performance because it's a direct reflection on my performance. You don't know how many times noobies have written to me all mad because they're not getting very good traffic and I have to spend 1-on-1 time with them to figure out why and it's always because they think they know it all and didn't follow my instructions, we all know someone like that don't we.

11) When you've double checked everything, click the submit button and follow the prompts.


  Affiliate Programs Amazon® Shoppers Audio & Video Betting & Gambling
  Beauty and Supplies Business Opps Casino Gamblers ClickBank® Buyers
  Clothing & Apparel Courses & Training Covid-19 Related Credit Cards
  Cryptocurrency Debt Consolidation Daisycon® Members E-commerce Stores
  Education E-Mail Marketing Etzy® Buyers Finances & Loans
  Free Giveaways Funnel Software Gaming Online Grad Students
  General Male General Female Gifts for Everyone Guns & Ammunition
  Health & Fitness Hobbies & RC Home Security Home Mortgages
  Home Owners Internet Shoppers Investments JVZoo® Buyers
  Lead Collection Medicine & Vitamins Notebooks & Journals Organic Products
  PayPal® Buyers Pet Parents Quality Traffic SEO Automation
  Small Biz Owners Stock Market Surveys & Polls Tax Preparation
  Tobacco Products WarriorPlus® Buyers WordPress® Sites Zappos® Buyers


Of the 3 checkboxes in this section you're allowed to check 1 box. There is a description of each feature in the features enhancement description labelled #2 above. Ads with multiple boxes checked will be discarded.

Should I autosubmit your ad 3 times a day? Yes: To upload a graphic, attachment, or Voice-Clip click here.

Would you like to use the Fireworks feature? Yes: If you'd like to see the Icons that are available, click here.

Would you like to use the Float-Up Ad feature? Yes: More features will be added as they are created!


Each of the links plays a different Voice-Clip that will Auto-Start when your potential customer opens your email. I've developed a way for you to upload your own pre-recorded Voice-Clips, click here. When you click a Voice-Clip link below it will open in a small pop-up window, depending on your browser.

Some are serious and some are goofy, but you can only use one in your ad so test each one and if you find one you'd like to use in your ad simply check the box. Ads with multiple boxes checked will be discarded.

  The Best For Less   Buy With Confidence   100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  Check Out What's New   Buy One Get One Free   The Best Prices Guaranteed
  MASH: Attention Attention!   Bugs: Special Delivery From Mars   Bugs: What's This? A Letter..
  Bugs: Abracadabra!   Bugs: The Dreamboat Song   Cash Register: Cha-Ching!
  Jim Cramer: Stars & Stripes   Jim Cramer: Bugle   Jim Cramer: Dive Alarm!
  Jim Cramer: Buy Buy Buy!   Jim Cramer: Tah-Dah!   Jim Cramer: All Aboard!
  Daffy: I'm Rich I'm Rich!   Daffy: Everybody Rise & Shine!   Daffy: Oh There You Are
  Applause, Whistling, Cheering   Peter: How's Everybody Doin'?   Rooster: Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!
  Homer: Yelllllllo!   Homer: Wooo-Hooo!   You've Waited All Day For It!
  Urgent Message   Monte: Message For You Sir   Ha-Ha-Ha! You Have A Message
  Ren & Stimpy: Letter For Me   3rd Rock: Prepare To Be Dazzled   Read The Mail! 3 Times


  To use the reader's first name, use: {firstname} To use the reader' by their's last name, use: {lastname}

  To use the reader's suffix (Mr. or Ms.) use: {suffix} To use the reader's first and last name, use: {fullname}

  To use the reader's location use: {city} or {country} To say 'Good Morning' or 'Good Afternoon' use: {am_pm}


I'd like this to be a nice place for everyone to be able to come to and submit their ads. To catch abusers I collect data on everyone that accesses any of my websites. The information is only used to identify people that are abusing the system so I can boot them off the server or send their ads to the trash. For example your IP# is and it's used to identify you in the event you were abusing my system. I take these extra steps to protect you from the people that are here to cause your submission quality to suffer.