When I say I love my customers I really mean it! I've compiled 55 of my quality submitters into one huge package for only $20! This is an extremely limited time offer and will definitely end at midnight on Valentine's Day.

You can send your ads to to my opt-in leads through my high performance email submitters. You'll never be accused of spam and you'll never be in hot water with your ISP because each email I send out has an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

I've also created the Bulk Blast Submitter for you that sends to all 55 submitters at once. You can use the Bulk Blast Submitter once every 60 minutes. It's very powerful. It'll be a huge time saver for you, even though there's no waiting on any of the submitters, being able to send to them all at once means you only write one ad instead of 55.

I'd also like to offer a 100% reseller license. It's a good deal! All you have to do is sell one membership and then you're even and every sale after that is pure profit!