Mom's have always been special to me. Every year I do something really nice for them in the way of a super good deal. Afterall, if it weren't for our Mom's where would we be today! This year I've discounted 5 awesome submitters, valued at over $125, down to only $19! This limited time offer will only be available until Mother's Day at midnight. Here's what you'll be getting.


The leads in the submitters are unique to each submitter, meaning the leads in one submitter are not the same leads in another submitter, however there is occassionally some overlapping, like if a person requested information on home improvement and joined one list and then joined a separate list requesting information on caring for puppies. It happens. This is why most clients own many submitters, the more submitters you own the more frequently you can send your ads and the more people you'll reach.   Yes guys, you can purchase it too!

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