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Please Take The Time To Read The Instructions

1) You may select up to three targeted categories to send your ad to or select none and send to the number of general audience leads specified above. General audience leads are all English speaking common leads. If you select targeted categories there will be less people receiving your ad per submission, but they will be targeted at people that have requested information on that topic or a similar topic in the last 90 days. In other words, if you want to only reach people that have requested information on your product or service then select your targeted categories, but if you want to reach the masses then do not select any targeted categories.

2) Enter the direct address to your website. Please keep in mind that a lot of people use Gmail and they are famous for filtering or out-right deleting people's ads. This is a much more serious problem then what it may appear. Google's mail client, Gmail is the most popular email provider on the plane and at present they literally dominate email usage.

3) Enter the subject line of your email. A subject line is the introduction that identifies the emails intent. This subject line, displayed to the email user or recipient when they look at their list of messages in their inbox, should tell the recipient what the message is about and what the sender wants to convey. For email marketers, a subject line should work to entice the reader into opening the email so that they might engage with the communication through following links, responding to a survey or making a purchase. Enter a subject line that doesn't exceed 50 characters.

4) Enter your AdBoost Code in the box. If you have more than one code separate them with commas, no spaces please. AdBoost codes increase the performance of the submitters. For example, if a client has the right AdBoost code or several AdBoost codes they could easily double or even triple their submission output which would increase their sending capability massively.

5) Enter your bonus word. You can find the bonus word in the letters we send you. We send out letters to our clients almost every day, sometimes it's an ad for one of our products and sometimes it's a contest or a freebie or a gig. If you read the letter you'll find the bonus word for that day and when you enter the bonus word below we'll send your ad to an additional 105978 top shelf leads. The bonus word is only good on the same day it is published in the letter. Monday's word won't work on Tuesday. If you're not getting our letters you can sign-up here. The bonus word is not required in order to send your ad, it's only needed if you want to send your ad to the bonus leads.

6) Now it's time to write the body of yor ad. It can be a text ad or an HTML ad. There's room for 10,000 charactors. Text ads are better than HTML ads, everybody can see text ads but a lot less can see HTML ads and most of the time HTML ads end in the junk or spam folder. We've found that if you plan on writing a long ad that it's best if you include your direct website addess in the first 4 lines. Most people just skim over it and get the basic idea, then if they're interested they'll click your link for more information.

7) In the next section you'll pick your add-ons and features. You can add a logo or an attachment. If you add an image, like a gif, jpeg, jpg, or png it goes at the top center of your email and if your file is a pdf, doc, or txt it will be an attachment. If you add a logo, check the box indicating it's an HTML ad. If you want us to submit your ad every hour then indicate that, if you submit a different ad then the current ad that's autosubmiting will stop and the new ad will take it's place. You can use our dynamic tagging feature to address the reader by their name.

For example:

Hello {fname}, your message here
That would appear to Bob as:   Hello Bob, your message here

Hello {suffix}{lname}, your message here
That would appear to Ms. Jones as: Hello Ms. Jones, your message here

8) That's it, read the rest of the page and when you're happy with your ad you can submit it. Remember, you can submit one ad every 10 minutes, you can not submit the same link more than once every 3 hours and you can never use the same subject line more than once in a 24 hour period. Submit responsibly and remember to never enter this page with your pop-up blocker activated, the scripts will detect it and your ads will go to the trash. We rely on ad revenue from pop-ups to buy you leads, so if you're blocking our pop-up we're not going to let you send to our leads. If you follow the simple rules that you agreed to then you will have quality leads to send to forever, we guarantee it.

You Can Select Up To 3 Categories

Affiliate Programs Ages 18-30 Ages 31-45 Ages 46-55
Ages 55 & Over Baseball Interest Beauty and Supplies Boats and Parts
Business Opps Cars and Parts Christian Clothing and Shoes
College Students Crafts & Collectibles Casino Gamblers Computer Gadgets
Credit Cards Dating Debt Consolidation Doctors / Physicians
E-commerce Stores E-Mail Marketing Entertainment Finance
Football Interest Free Giveaways Gambling Grad Students
General Male General Female Gifts for Everyone Guns and Ammo
Health and Fitness Hobbies and RC Home Security Home Mortgages
Home Owners Internet Shoppers Investments Lawn and Gardening
Medical Drugs Multi-Level Marketing New Products Office Supplies
Parents and Kids Pet Parents Sales Management Seniors Citizens
Small Biz Owners Sports Interests Surveys & Polls Tax Preparation
Tobacco Products Travel & Recreation Vitamins Webmasters
Wanted: Items Wanted: Pets Web Design & Coders Weddings & Photos

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To say the reader's last name, use: {lname}

To say the reader's suffix use: {suffix}

To say the reader's full name, use: {name}

Double check everything now. There's a waiting period of 10 minutes before you can submit again. Please remember that in accordance with our submission rules that you agreed to, you're only allowed to submit the same URL once every 3 hours and you have to change subject line every time you submit so you're not using the same subject line more than once every 24 hours. We do it that way so we don't annoy the leads, if the leads all unsubscribe who will you be sending to then? Nobody, so violators will have their ads sent to the trash for 24 hours.