This Submitter Was Loaded With 25,412,000 Double Opt-In Leads!

When the marketing community was looking for something new Five Star Services stepped up and created what was to become the most innovative and effective advertising methodology available. That was over 20 years ago and the double opt-in submitter is still going strong today. Copycats abound but nobody has ever been able to match the sheer power and simplicity of a Five Star Submitter. Our innovative scripting technology has evolved over the years so that in a matter of a few simple steps you can actually submit your ad to millions upon millions of individuals worldwide.

Often imitated but never duplicated, our blasters can be purchased for unbelievably low prices because we have streamlined the process over the years and have acquired and continue to grow such a gigantic database of double opt-in leads that we are able to make safe and effective blasters ranging in price from $5 to $100 depending on how we choose to "load" them. Leads are never used more than once on any program we build so this makes our systems much more effective than conventional "safelists". So, within a matter of minutes, you can go from purchasing our program to sending ads to becoming a reseller and earning a profit as well.

No other company has the expertise to produce results like we do. We developed the technology and we'll never sell it away at any price. Call it a monopoly but we prefer to call it good business.

This service is no exception. This submitter has been preloaded with double opt-in leads so there is never any risk of a spam complaint. Buy today and in five easy steps you'll be sending ads to all of them. Fast, simple and incredibly effective, The program raises the bar for sheer value. Plus, our 100% money back guarantee ensures you'll be happy with everything you ever buy from us.