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In Tough Times ONLY The Strong Survive!

Whenever you have a tough economy like the one we have now, the weak companies are weeded out and left by the wayside while the strong continue to thrive. The reason is simple and it comes down to quality products and services backed by excellent customer service. We're in it for the long haul and have no intention of compromising our services to pad the bottom line at the customers expense.

That's why we have created ClickBank Contacts. At great expense, we have compiled a responsive double opt-in list of 30 million ClickBank members and resellers and loaded them all into our massive database for you to advertise to. Plus, since the system is fully web-based, you can rest assured that when you send through our submitter, your ISP is safe and your ads are 100% spam-free. No other mailer can provide you with such an iron-clad safety net and no other company can match the sheer power and ease of use as a Five Star Services mailer. We have been in the business for over 15 years and we were the originator of the technology that companies worldwide attempt to duplicate, but never can! There have been outright pirates but, nobody has ever been able to reproduce the high quality, simple to use submission technology that we have perfected.

Powerful, Simple To Use, Effective!

Imagine if you could log into our submitter, place and ad and walk away while we took your ad and cycled it through our system once every hour over a 24 hour period? How valuable would that be if you knew your ad was 100% safe from spam complaints and yet still got the same results as if your hand typed every ad?

  • Priceless Service At An Affordable Price!

  • 100% Safe And Effective Advertising!

  • Send Spam Free To 30 Million Automatically!
  • Send to 30 Millions Potential Customers!

  • Proprietary Technology Never Duplicated!

  • 20+ Years Building Quality Programs!

Our 20+ years of experience has taught us that customers want value and that's what this product provides. In addition, our simple to use step-by-step submitter makes the ad submission process a breeze. In seconds you can place your ad with us and rest assured that we will send it out once every hour to a colossal double optin database of 30 Million!

Why wait to start using the hottest selling program available today? You're going to love the results our submitter provides and at the bargain basement price of only $15 Lifetime!

Easy to use, priced to sell and guaranteed satisfaction! You owe it to yourself to start down the path to marketing success with our simple and affordable submission technology.