The best kind of leads are opt-in leads. These leads are the most sought after because they ensure that the recipient has personally opted into the list you desire to send to. Opt-in leads also produce the Highest Return & Most Response to your ads. The problem is that these type of leads take a good deal of time or money to obtain and for most marketers they are out of their reach financially.

I've also created the Bulk Blast Submitter for you that sends to all 55 submitters at once. You can use the Bulk Blast Submitter once every 60 minutes. It's very powerful. Click the image on the right to see a full size screenshot. It'll be a huge time saver for you, even though there's no waiting on any of the submitters, being able to send to them all at once means you only write one ad instead of 55.

You can send your ads to to my opt-in leads through my high performance email submitters. You'll never be accused of spam and you'll never be in hot water with your ISP because each email I send out has an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

Let's say that you've found a product or service you would like to advertise, your budget is limited & you don't have alot of time to invest. I have the solution! Through the power of numbers, I obtain opt-in leads on your behalf and load them into my mailing databases. Then, because I can sell multiple memberships to my individual systems, I can offer affiliate marketers access to send ads to these leads for a great price and then everybody wins!

I'd also like to offer a 100% reseller license to anyone that gets a monthly membership. I'm only offering to the monthlies because I'll use a portion of the recurring payments to keep the databases loaded with fresh new leads. All you have to do is provide the domain name and I'll set you up with a page just like this one where you can sell the monthly memberships and build a recurring revenue stream for yourself. I'll build your site, host your site, maintain your site and update your site as needed. It's a good deal! All you have to do is sell one membership and then you're even and every sale after that is pure profit!

The Price Has Been Dropped
From $55 Lifetime To $35 Lifetime
From $15 Per Month To $10 Per Month!